January 2020 |

Let it go.

Allowing God to have His way. So some of you who have lovers of the movie Frozen may be fretting right now – but fret not! I am not referring to that obnoxious…I mean wonderful song! Such a simple word – let. Easy to skim by when you read. Not a word you’d think to look up. But […]

Consistency is key!

Remaining faithful even in the little things. Have you ever tried to calculate how much time you spend in the bathroom with your kiddos each day? Whether you’re a teacher, parent, or caregiver, if your child is at that age, let’s make a healthy assumption it is much more time than you prefer. Convincing them to go, repeating […]

Wait, what?

Mastering waiting in an ever moving world. Who has mastered the art of waiting? I am most certainly one to always be on the move. There are always 10 things to do and more being added as I cross one off my list. Waiting in line at the grocery store, for a red light to turn green, or […]

The Teacher Struggle

Reaching struggling learners in love. The constant fiddling with their shoelaces, drop and flop on the floor, rocking their chair back and forth, or running away from the group. Know a kiddo who fits the mold for one or more of these behaviors during your day in class? And how many more can you rattle off in your […]