Hi everyone! I’m Mel Davidson. I’m an in-home daycare provider to some of the sweetest kids out there and wife to an incredible man! My passions are Jesus, teaching, crocheting, and baking! Having been a special education teacher for three years, I hope to enlighten you with as many tips, tricks, strategies, and printables as I can to help you manage the craziness of life as a teacher.

Kids are learning from every little thing we say and do, so they need teachers and models of good things, then their roots will grow deep in the right things! But this is a tough role to fill, no doubt! The most important thing I learned as an educator was to be flexible and resilient! One approach may not necessarily work for every kiddo, or for that same child every day. But, I can guarantee that something out there will, because everyone can learn! The best way to support children is to find out where they thrive and use that to help them grow! And when you finally nail it…isn’t that one of the best feelings ever?

Finding the time to make the million things you need can be super stressful and overwhelming. So that’s where I come in. I want to be someone you can turn to for those resources AND encouragement! Resilience, when fueled by will power, is short lived. But strength comes from a heart full of the Lord!

I’m happy to have you taking this journey of learning with me in pursuit to shape the hearts and minds of the sweet ones God has gifted us with!