Let it go.

Allowing God to have His way.

So some of you who have lovers of the movie Frozen may be fretting right now – but fret not! I am not referring to that obnoxious…I mean wonderful song!

Such a simple word – let. Easy to skim by when you read. Not a word you’d think to look up. But let’s do it anyways…let means to “not prevent or forbid, but allow.” I remember realizing the actual implications of this word some time ago at church on a Sunday morning. It was one of those words that jumped off the page as we were reading. An aha moment you could call it. And every time I’ve seen it used in scripture since then, it’s made much more of an impact in my heart.

“Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable and pleasing in Your sight, O Lord, my rock and my Redeemer.”

Psalm 19:14

In other words: the things written in that verse will happen if we don’t prevent or forbid them. You may be thinking, I don’t intentionally prevent them. I claimed the same thing until I really thought about it. And I realized that I have the Spirit of God in me, leading me into the godly thoughts and good works. But my fleshly desires crowd that; they fog it. I have a decision to make when seeds of anger, fear, and hate enter. I can surrender those feelings and let the Spirit of God reign, or I also have the option to let or allow those feelings develop and take over my peaceful state of my mind.

As a teacher, you have an incredible amount of things to juggle in your classroom, your home, your mind, and your heart. And it can be extremely overwhelming. But by surrendering to the Lord those anxieties about any situation – a conflict, a meeting, a lesson – you can let your heart and mind please the Lord and then the words and actions that follow will please Him too. Ultimately, that’s all that matters. And His blessing is upon you when you honor Him with your whole being.

The other day I stumbled upon these awesome visuals for TEACHERS and STAFF. Who doesn’t need help communicating with their co-workers, especially substitutes?! That was always something I never had nearly enough time to do.

My intent is to arm you with a great set of tools to make your life as a teacher easier – so that you can let go of the negative more easily and be filled with fewer things to generate feelings of anxiety.

As you navigate through your day, allow God to rule instead of your feelings. And don’t forget the end of that verse. We have a firm and immovable rock who is our Redeemer and friend. Praise God for His unfailing help in our lives. Be filled with God’s peace to make a difference again today. You’ve got this!

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