Wait, what?

Mastering waiting in an ever moving world.

Who has mastered the art of waiting? I am most certainly one to always be on the move. There are always 10 things to do and more being added as I cross one off my list. Waiting in line at the grocery store, for a red light to turn green, or even for the toast to pop, I am typically not a model for patience.

Honestly, our attitude toward waiting in those moments reflects the attitude of our heart. How caught up in the world am I to not even notice that this moment is necessary for me to take a breath and see it through God’s eyes?

Be still before the Lord; wait patiently for Him and entrust yourself to Him;

Psalm 37:7a

This world sure doesn’t give us the go ahead and be still, wait patiently, and entrust, and certainly not all those things at the same time! Continuing in the things God has in front of us, while having contentment with the rest of the stuff we’re waiting on answers for, takes a lot of diligence! And doing it all while the world travels at 1,000 miles an hour adds some difficulty as well.

Wouldn’t it be helpful if we had someone waving a red “WAIT ON THE LORD” sign in your face. But, then I remember that we do! The Holy Spirit. God commands and then He provides Himself to be our restraining force in the frustration, our comfort in the wait, our refuge in the chaos.

Turn Token:

So then let me break that down for you as you teach your kiddos. First, remember how hard waiting can be for you at times. NOW teach them, in that attitude, how to wait.

Start small! Let’s be real about how long a 5 year old can wait patiently…it feels like 5 seconds. So don’t expect the world of him/her the first time. Remember how much time God has given you to learn!

Imagine even if the toughest kiddo you have is being loved on by you, patiently waited for by you, and taught how to wait in the classroom – it’s going to bust that roots growth way down deep, even if you can’t see the fruit from it. Such a simple skill learned well as a child can have major impacts on the ability of the heart to wait on the Lord in later years! And it all starts with you. What a privilege!

These are super simple printables to use! The possibilities for them are endless…

  • Any type of game (waiting for a turn to play)
  • Small and large group lesson (waiting to talk)
  • At recess (waiting for the swings, ball)
  • At lunch (waiting in line)

My students were better at waiting if they had something to fidget with in their hands, so I would laminate the tokens (with 5mm laminating sheets) and let them hold and fidget with it while they waited for their turn. Maybe you just have a student who would need you to place the card near them or show them what it says intermittently during a lesson, instead of holding it themselves.Then when it’s their turn, hand them the “My turn” card.

Transporting the tokens for each student was always different depending on how often they were needed. I attached some of them to craft sticks.

For individual students I included them on a book ring to carry around throughout the day. You could even put them on a lanyard so you have less to carry.

You could have some accessible near your large group lesson area on the front board. Just do what works best for you and your students!

Check out my blog post The Teacher Struggle for another great visual to teach waiting skills!


As always, I hope these turn tokens can bring some encouraging reminders as you use them – to always wait on the Lord’s timing. He’s pleased by you in those moments when you remember His word.

Be filled with God’s patience to make a difference again today. You’ve got this!

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